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 Expanded polypropylene has strong parallels with the production of particle foam products: Just as fascinating moulded parts arise from tiny beads, the market penetration of EPP come to very big. It is the outstanding properties of EPP – feather-light weight, impressive insulating capacity and super strength – that predestined EPP for use in the automotive and packaging industries.

As the innovative material’s versatile characteristics profile became more widely known, it started to be used more diversely. And not only diversely, but also very stylishly: Producible in many colours and creatively designable, EPP moulded parts set designers’ hearts racing.


Here it shows the universal application possibilities for the all-rounder EPP:


l  Automotive

l  Packaging

l  Logistics and wrapping

l  Furniture and design

l  Sports and leisure

l  Lightweight Constructions / Automotive

l  Insulation