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■   Uniform particle shape and size is conducive to transport, packaging ,  the use ,  the production and use of the process operating conditions and the improvement of the environment, improve product quality and competitiveness.

■   Heat a thin strip and atomizing spray forced cooling, hot-melt was expected to be rapid condensation, curing, productivity increased significantly.

■   Cooler system and dropform system are used Frequency Control device drivers, according to production capacity and material properties no-conditioning control.

■   A smart temperature controller distribution of the temperature control to ensure that the material temperature and material properties of stability, the quality of granulation reliable protection.

■  Discharge side of the strip for the bending, curing particles and the combination of surface strip easy peeling off, discharging dust when little, particle shape is protected, while also reducing the scraper when the impurity content into the product.

■  Sub used cooling, according to materials condensation, curing characteristics, the choice of the cooling temperature, special materials to achieve rapid cooling, curing extremely favorable

■   Sharpnozzle granulation systems in its structure using removable portfolio structure, according to material properties and production equipment specifications choice is conducive to large-sized transport and installation of devices.

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